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Mar 2, 2017
The beggining
Mandatory thing you need to know before reading this blog. My name is not Ariel. I only lied about it so i can tell the truth without realizing what a failure I am. Or something like that. Here i go. I was born well obviously. I'm thirteen years old. My mother is a crazy psycho bitch. Well to be technical shes a paranoid schizophrenia. When i was growing up all the way to the age of 9 my dad was an alcoholic. I lived such an interesting life all the way up until last June. everything changed. My mom used to take medicine for her disorders. eventually like any other crazy person she believe she was "Better" SO SHE STOPPED TAKING HER FUCKING MEDICINE. Leaving me and my sister and my dad alone in the cold. She took her little 2000 mustang and traveled around the united states. How she lasted? I have no idea. well then my parents go a divorce. Go figure everyone does that when they get sick of each other. Literally. She was so sick I looked at her and i was like there was a whole new person looking at me. Tragic I know. Well today shes gone i haven't seen her in ages. Oh well. Its better this way in my opinion. At this point i'm not even worried about that anymore. Recently other stuff has happened. Ill explain all of the stuff I've done that no 13 year old should be doing. That's going to be in a different entry. Now i know as you're reading this you're thinking how is this girl living? How does she get through with her life everyday. Ill admit its painful. Extremely fucking painful. I get through it though. I had a boy friend but that's a story for next time. Right now you just need to know the basics. Well you've probably stopped reading because you're probably thinking why am i reading this little depressed girls blog. Well first i'm not depressed so you can get that out of your head. Time will heal my broken heart. Not only broken by my mother but dumb ass little boys too. Im really only writing this blog to get stuff off of my mind. Wait i lied my favorite movie is called Ask Me Anything. Its a great movie so when you're done reading this watch it. Its about a girl that goes through heartbreak and a whole bunch. I don't want to spoil anything so watch it. My goal is to be as popular as her when she blogs. Its whatever. I feel like I'm done preparing you in this first entry. Get ready for the wild ride of the past i don't know like 4 months. Hectic I tell you. Hectic but if youre entertained stick around. Im outeeeee probably gonna work on the next entry so catch ya later. Peace out girlscout

Posted at 07:34 pm by Arielw669
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